What Do Strippers Do At Bachelor Parties

strip-girlBachelor parties have a strict unwritten code of silence for the obvious things that take place there. Ask yourself why strippers are hired to bachelor parties? Is it not supposed be a bachelor’s party where you say goodbye to one of you leaving the bachelorhood club? Why then hire strippers to a party of boys looking to have some fun? Well, the truth of what usually happens in bachelor parties never comes out either because of the unwritten code of silence or maybe because everybody is the party was way too drunk took remember what took place. It is not always about sex with these parties as most people might think. Over 70% of grooms are against sex during their party, but things might get loose afterward.

When strippers arrive at most bachelor parties, they never come alone. They have their security which gives the boys the rules of what they must do and what they cannot do. As the girls get into the bathroom to change, the security guys get time with the boys telling them some few things of what they can do and what they cannot do. The guys will then sit in a circle with the bachelor in the center as the strippers start to entertain them. Most strippers start by showing off various costumes. They can start with wearing as French maids, and then change to nurses, doctors, and even cops. They dance seductively for the groom for about 15 minutes showing off the skin and holding the boys on their shoulders. They do everything to make the boys especially the groom uncomfortable. They can straddle his legs, grind his crotch with their butts and even pinch his nipples. They finish off their first act by taking off his shirt in the most seductive way possible.

StrippersThey then try to bond with the groom by bringing him to the floor blindfolding him. They then suddenly rub feather or ice on his back before spanking him something the boys will love. The bondage will take like an hour or less since once the groom is done, they do it to all the boys in the party. They then pull off their tops remaining with their G-strings. Well, this is the part where most boys will enjoy what is to follow. They get out strawberries and creams that they use to wrap on each other’s nipples. Then in turns, the strippers lick off the creams and strawberries of their nipples before inviting the groom to do the same. The guys are also invited to have a taste of the strawberry of their nipples but only by using their mouths.

Next, the strip can take turns socializing with the men in the party and giving them lap dance and several other things they might be asking. In some instances, they challenge the groom to take off their panties which is very entertaining to the boys. This is where some guys try to force the groom to have sex with one of the strippers. The decision to have sex with one of the strippers will then come down to the groom himself. The other guys in the party my separately ask for sex but by then almost everybody is drunk, and nobody cares what the other is doing.

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