Why you should not fake orgasms

Sex is the best romantic sweet thing in this world and i always imagine if if this world existed without sex. It would have been so weird for us. Therefore sex should make both the man and the woman proud of it. The great and important thing during sex is the ability for both of you to satisfy each other. This can be brought about love for your partner accompanied by different sex positions which can enhance stronger stimulation for both of you two and also for deep penetrations. The major challenge during sex thus is the ability and strength to make everyone their satisfied. One may end up getting satisfied while his or her partner keep on groaning in pain not because he or she is satisfied but because of the unfinished stimulation. You will come to realize that in most cases men get so much satisfied as compared to women who rarely reach orgasm during sex. The major reason for this is that a man just ‘spits’ easily whenever he penetrates into a hot tight pussy leaving the lady writhing in disgust just because the man’s hot hard shots on her cool vagina. Men, believe it or not, you are the main cause of all these troubles and this may come up with big problems in your relationship and therefore you should add some more effort to satisfy your women.

sexI am sure you have ever heard of faking orgasm. Why you should you fake orgasm? Faking orgasms occurs mostly in the case of women. This is because their men always gives an early ejaculation which sometimes i may rate as a premature ejaculation. This self interest orgasm by the man ends up a lady to fake her orgasm. For this case, women are not to be blamed but men are to be blamed. Women find themselves pretending to climax just to boost their men’s ego and strength so as to speed to a snooze type romp and to avoid the man to know what she really want. Surprisingly, men are not to be left behind in these case, men, like women also fake their orgasm with a reason their partners to think that they are inadequate in bed issues. Men faking orgasm comes up when the act is taking too long having them tired and need to stop.

Some people think that faking orgasm is good but there are some reasons why you should not fake orgasms. Consider the following;

Continuous Vulnerability to faking

1327310936224_8815807If a woman is not emotionally ready to open up and honestly tell his man about what she misses, then faking it will not be the good answer because it leads it to being vulnerable of not getting want she wants rendering her craving for it.

Your partner may hate it

Why should you show you partner that you are fit for her or him. Faking is just not good if you can go further and improve your sexual life. So don’t fake it.

Miss what you want

Always faking orgasm will lead you to miss what you always want in between those sheets. This is one of the best reason why you should not fake orgasms.

More so, faking orgasms end up i a tray full of sexual problems because you will never find solutions to your sex problems.

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