Las Vegas Strippers Guide

MTM1ODgzMjEyOTY5NzQ5MTIzLas Vegas is well known for its great nightclubs that make it a favorite for most fan lovers around the world. Strip clubs in Las Vegas are a class of their own. The strippers in Las Vegas make a lot of money making people from other cities in America want to come to Vegas just to get a share of the money in Vegas. Let’s get it straight when it comes to stripping in Las Vegas. When strippers from all around the world come to Vegas, their aim is usually to make as much money as possible and spend as little as you can before walking away rich.

Most of the women working as strippers in Las Vegas never do it forever. The strippers work at their prime age when they are between the ages of 18-25 years. Working as a stripper in Vegas can get you rich if you know the right nightclubs to work in and have the looks to attract men. Some of the interesting facts people don’t know about the Las Vegas strippers is the fact that most of these women work independently. The women usually have a contract with the strip clubs where they pay the strip clubs certain going rates to play there. This might sound untrue, but it is the strippers who pay the clubs a standing fee to offer their services there. However, the amount they make is huge compared to what they pay. It is a mutual relationship where the club benefits by getting super rich people drinking and spending money in the clubs. The women collect a lot of money from lap dances and private rooms with their clients.

screen-shot-2014-01-22-at-6-28-55-pmDepending on the agreement with the club, the club might get a percentage of the money paid to the strippers. Whatever the agreement between the strippers and the clubs, both parties end up making huge tons of cash. Las Vegas strippers are well respected with some even been offered security when offering their services outside the clubs. This can be areas like private and bachelor parties. The strippers make a lot of money from tips from money. The tips gotten by Las Vegas strippers are way too high with some strippers being able to live on tips alone. In some instances, strippers in Vegas have been reported to make over $3,000 or more in a single night through tips alone.

Most of the strip clubs are legal and rarely will you see a police entering a nightclub to arrest people. Stripping in Vegas is done legally with most strip clubs been registered and paying taxes. At least every Las Vegas strip club has one VIP room or two. However, most people avoid the VIP rooms due to the high prices one has to pay to get there. However, VIP rooms are where the fun is, and these strippers do worse things than what you can expect in regular rooms. There is also a private 1-on-1 VIP room where the dancer remains with the client alone. These are the very comfortable and sometimes furnished with a bed, a small table and a lamp. Whatever, the experience you are looking for, getting to understand how stripping works in Vegas will help you have the best time in your life.

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