3 Surprising Things Men Think About Sex

So, ladies, think you know all there is to know about male opinions regarding sex? Well, actually, you probably don’t, because despite the gruff macho exterior, many men can still surprise you with their views on sex. The really good news is that not all men are the same. And, better yet, the vast majority of men don’t have the misogynist opinions that we tend to think they do.

3. They Don’t Really Care How Many Lovers You’ve Had

A large number of women lie about how many previous partners they have had, because they believe that men desire women who are virtuous. Well, we could debate the notion of virtue and what it really means in modern society all day, so we won’t. But, suffice to say, the vast majority of men don’t want a virginal lover, who is shy and inexperienced in the bedroom.

No, instead, they want a woman who is sexually confident and, hopefully, one who knows how to pleasure her partner. Men aren ’t stupid, they realize that they can’t have their cake and eat it. You can’t have a woman who is sexually adventurous and knowledgeable, and also a virgin. The truth is that most men, really don’t want to know how many lovers you’ve had. They realize that there have been others, but they don’t want to know their names, where you met them or which positions they taught you. I recommend being honest, if your partner asks about your past, but, remember, there is such a thing as too much information.

2. They Don’t Notice The Little Imperfections That You Obsess Over

Many women, even those who have been with their lovers for several years, feel embarrassed about being naked. Why? Well, because we are hideously and unnecessarily critical of our own bodies. We see a whole host of imperfections and we’re sure that he’ll see them too. Well, here’s the good news, most men don’t know what cellulite is, they don’t notice if you’ve put on a little weight (unless it’s gone to your breasts) and they don’t expect you to look like one of those air-brushed Hollywood stars. No matter how unattractive you perceive your body to be, your lover will find you arousing!

1. They Believe That Sex is Better When They’re in Love

Yes, ladies, I kid you not! Many men do claim that they experience better sex when they are in love with their partner. And, all these years, you’ve thought that emotion and sex never intersect on the Venn diagram of men.
They don’t confuse sex and love, as we tend to do. But they do realize that sex with someone that they love provides a much more satisfying experience than sex for the sake of sex. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all men feel this way and many men don’t realize it until they’re in their late-twenties or thirties. I suspect some men never do realize it. Therefore, we should still be wary about protecting our hearts.
However, it’s great to know that not all men see sex as a shallow means to a quick physical thrill!

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