Difference between Escorts and Prostitutes

Hello dear friends. I know you are fucking good and today I would like to upraise you about the differences between the Escorts and the Prostitutes. People often mistake the Escorts to be the prostitutes who only sell sex in exchange for money. But my dear friends there are vast difference between Escorts and Prostitutes. I would tell you the entire thing and make you believe that the Escorts are not at all the same as prostitutes but they hold a class and elegance.

First of all the prostitutes as they used to be in the olden days still exist in the society. You can find them on the busy streets after the sunset and with just a view you can tell than she is a prostitute. Dirty, filthy looking, unhygienic and noisy are the few characteristics of the street sex workers. They are much cost effective and are always ready to have sex at any place you say. Their only service is sex and they don’t know anything other than that. They don’t have a class and are always in a hurry. Whereas when you talk about the Escort services, the girls joining this service are educated and intelligent. Hygiene is the prerequisite for any of the girls.

The Escort girls operate independent as well as through agencies. If you are suspicious then you can take the service of agencies as these agencies choose the girls very carefully and take care of all the essentials beneficial to the client. Biggest difference is that the primary work of the Escort is not to have sex; their primary work is to accompany their client to any of the events like a party, business meeting, or any event of a kind. The client may ask for a sexual favor but it’s at the last on the list. So the girls have to look classy and they have a certain presence of mind unlike the street prostitutes who are dumb and only utter filthy words.

Above all the prostitution is still considered illegal at most of the places whereas Escorts Services enjoy a better reputation. As the sex is not involved in most of the cases, so the chance of any legal issue is not there. Escorts accompany their clients, dance for them, strip for them and that’s it. It has to be accepted that sometimes under the table sexual favors are given but that’s negligible.

So here I was with the difference between a Prostitute and an Escort Girl. I would be back very soon with a brand new blog preferably a review b one of the clients of a reputed Male Escort agency. Till then wait and watch.

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