Who Do You Invite to Your Bachelor Party?

Bachelor parties are viewed as a rite of passage by most people who are thinking about or planning on getting married. Whereas previously they were seen as an excuse for the groom-to-be to misbehave one last time before finally tying the knot by a majority of people, this concept has slowly changed over the years as it is now regarded as a simple celebration by the groom and his friends on his upcoming nuptials. Despite the emergence of this general acceptance, there still remains an unwritten set of guidelines regarding who should and should not be invited to this particular event. Given that this kind of party is held for the potential groom, it goes without saying that the bride and her posse will not be invited. This leaves the question on who exactly should be invited to a bachelor party by those planning the function.

There are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration when one is considering the guest list for a bachelor party. The people who attend this event will play just an important role as the function itself, and it can determine the potential success that can be enjoyed. It is crucial to take the groom into consideration when one is thinking about who to invite to their bachelor party. In most cases, the planning of this event is done by a close friend (usually the best man), and the man of the hour is hardly involved in the decision making process. This means that the event organizer will have to take it upon themselves to come up with an appropriate guest list.

Some of the people who should be invited to a bachelor party can include:

Close Friends and Acquaintances

The inclusion of close friends and male family members to the guest list may seem obvious, but there are still a number of elements that will need to be factored in when one is choosing people from this particular group. The organizer will first need to ensure that those chosen are actually close to the groom, and are not simply people that he is around every day as a result of circumstances and/or his responsibilities. People also do not get along with every member of their family, meaning one should not simply be invited because they are related to the groom. Ensuring that the occasion is attended by people who the groom would actually like to hang out with is essential to the success of the party.

Optional Plus-ones

Plus-ones refer to the option given to those invited to the party to bring another person along. This open invitation should be given with care, and it would be wise for one to confirm the individuals that the invitees may be planning to bring with them to the party. This confirmation is done to ensure that no one mistakenly brings along a person that the groom would rather not have attend the event.

A bachelor party is best organized by someone who is close enough to the groom to be aware of who they like and dislike, so as to avoid any potential wrong decisions with regard to the guest list.

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