What really goes down during secret sex parties

What really goes down during secret sex parties? Have you ever been to a sex party or planning to attend one? It is quite normal to wonder what happens there. It is a sex party so you would expect to find people having sex randomly. Most people don’t even know if sex parties exist, but they are several sex parties taking place every year. Most sex parties are organized in secret with only a few invited people being allowed to attend. Scenes from sex parties have appeared in movies like’ Eyes Wide Shut’, but that is just what has been seen on TV.

227253_8671611901_2803_nFirst of all, sex parties are held in luxury penthouses where are couches, sofas and all forms of seats with tables for drinks. Drinks are first served but to get people in the right mind frame do anything they want without fear. Well, all sex parties have a dress code. All people attending a sex party must dress sexy and wear a mask for obvious reasons. The mask is meant to cover your face and keep your identity a secret. You never know who will be attending the party and would love to keep the debauchery that is happening in the party as secret as possible. In some sex parties, single men are not allowed to attend. Only couples and single women attend such parties and women are the ones who are allowed to make the first move. This is meant to keep the make visitors as comfortable as possible as it is though they are the main visitors who pay for such parties.

2200875.main_imageYou should come with everything ready for you to have great moments. Condoms and lubricants are necessary if you want to make the moment a great one. There are some women who arrive at such parties and immediately get naked just because they have done that and seen it all in several other parties. If you are new, take some glass of champagne to calm down your nerves. As the night progresses, people start engaging in all manner of sex acts in the various bedrooms within the penthouse. You can see women sucking the lollipops seductively as men feel cocky and want to have more it from every other woman. Single women are a hot deal for men in these parties as every man will be looking to have great times with them. Most couples in these parties just want to play with another woman, and that is it.

Well, if you think partners never attend such parties, you are wrong. Married couples attend sex parties in specific times a year just to keep their marriage together. They don’t want their better half engaging in extra-marital affairs while they can have the great moments in sex parties together.

Sex parties are more like a party in a night club with the only difference being the people invited and what takes place. It is like having sex while having a Bacardi in your hand at the same time. However, you must obey all rules at the sex parties. You can just grab any girl or man and do whatever you think just because you attended a sex party. You must ask the girl or dude nicely and get him or her to accept you.

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