10 Surprising Facts About The Adult Entertainment

The adult entertainment industry is probably one of the most controversial industries in the world. Over the past few years, the industry has rapidly grown becoming a major contributor to the economy. However, it still gets some stigma from parts of the society that believe in the good morals. However, statistics show that more and more people are likely going to commit some ritual in the industry or partake in some of the adult activities. The content on the mobile industry has even become mobile with people paying to watch porn on their phones. However, there is a lot that most people don’t know about the adult entertainment industry.

10 surprising facts about the adult entertainment

1) Generates over $13 billion annually

image60-1The adult entertainment industry is huge making billions of money each year. The industry makes billions of money beating the entire NFL and the Hollywood industry. Revenues in the adult entertainment industry are increasing each year despite the decrease in the world economy growth.

2) Over 88% of the scenes contain aggression

The adult film is a difficult industry involving a lot of aggression and abuses. Most of the scenes are full of aggression and abusive language. However, research on the industry shows that the aggression and abuses are what appeals the viewers.

3) Over 69% of the Pay, Per View is in the Adult entertainment industry

The industry takes over 69% of the Pay Per View content which goes to show the high number of people paying to watch what the industry offers.

4) 1 in 8 Searches online is related to adult content

One in every eight searches is usually related to the adult content. This goes to show the high number of people looking for information on the adult entertainment industries.

5) The average age of exposure to adult content is 11 years

One average, children at the age of 11 years are exposed to adult content which way too low the age limit for children to watch such content.

6) Female adult film stars make over $250,000 annually

adultHow much do you make in a year? Well, female adult stars make well over $250,000 a year which is way too much what most people make in a year. There is a lot of money in the industry and most people involved earn good money.

7) Strippers pay clubs to strip and dance

Well, if you taught clubs to pay strippers to dance, you are wrong. The strippers pay the clubs a flat rate to offer their services but then, in the end, make several times more the amount they pay. It is a mutual relationship where the club and the stripper both benefit.

8) Deep Throat Movie Grossed $600 million at the Box Office

The adult movie “Deep Throat” Grossed $600 million at the box office making it one of the most successful movie that year and for the years that followed.

9) A new adult video is uploaded every 39 minutes

A new adult video is always uploaded to the internet after every 39 minutes. Well, you can calculate the number of dirty erotic videos online every year.

10) The number one search term is “Sex”

Well did you know the word “sex” is searched more online than any other word in the world? People are always keen to get new information when it comes to matters to do wit sex.

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